Supervisor Academy

Supervisor and Project Leader Academy


6 Impactful morning sessions

This fast-paced supervisory level Academy consists of 6 sessions. Each session builds on the previous and addresses practical and real work situations encountered as a new supervisor or project manager. The Academy provides a professional and polished toolkit of supervisory skills for enhanced leadership presence and applicable practices.

$1200/per participant

 8:30 am – 11:30 am



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6 Academy Sessions

  1. The Supervisor's Role
  2. Interviewing & Selection
  3. Communication Style DISC
  4. Building Strategic Relationships
  5. Communicating with Impact
  6. Navigating Change and Career Dev

Session One:
The Supervisor’s Role

  • Opening, Intros, Overview
  • The Role of the Supervisor/PM
  • Case Studies
  • Three Leadership Imperatives
  • Identifying/Leveraging Your Strengths
  • Workplace Application

Session Two:
Interviewing and Selection

  • Legally Defensible Interviewing Process
  • Behaviorally Based Interview Tools
  • Selecting the Best Candidate
  • Workplace Application

Session Three:
Communication Style DISC

  • Components of/Barriers to Effective Communication
  • DISC Instrument
  • Workplace Application

Session Four:
Building Strategic Relationships

  • What are strategic relationships?
  • Managing Up
  • Supporting Direct Reports; “From Buddy to Boss”
  • Collaborating with Peers
  • Workplace Application

Session Five:
Communicating With Impact

  • What Impact do you intend
  • Advocacy vs. Inquiry
  • Email Etiquette
  • Public Speaking & PowerPoint
  • Candid Conversations/Conflict
  • Resolution
  • Workplace Application

Session Six:
Navigating Change and Career Dev

  • Change as a Constant
  • Change and Transition;  the Marathon Effect
  • Change and Career Development
  • Workplace Application
Graduation Day Celebration
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