Organizational Change

OEC partners with organizational leaders to plan and execute change in a smooth, positive, productive manner that supports the values and the culture of the organization. OEC provides methodology, structure, guidance, and coaching in this process to ensure success.

There are key success factors that enable change to occur in a manner that gets positive organizational results and maintains or enhances the well being of the staff.  They are: strong, committed leadership ownership, creating a shared need for change, shaping the vision for what the change looks like, mobilizing commitment and support of the people, changing systems and structures within the organization, monitoring progress and measuring results, and reinforcing the change and making it last.

  • Restructures and reorganizations in relation to growth or downsizing at a corporate, division or department level
  • Structural and cultural integration due of mergers and acquisitions
  • New leadership transitions
  • Intentional culture change
  • Facilitation of Vision, Mission and Values
  • Facilitation and action planning related to company wide survey process (e.g. employee work passion, employee engagement, employee satisfaction surveys)