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More About Susan

With a 20-year career in high tech, Susan is a proven strategist, project manager and trainer.  She successfully managed multiple, complex construction projects simultaneously while keeping a very close eye on cost and timelines.  Susan is recognized for her commitment to her clients, her thoughtful follow through and strategic approach to resolving all issues.  In her 20 years at Qualcomm, Inc., Susan masterfully developed, presented and executed the companywide strategic facility plan for 49 local and 40 domestic sites.  In so doing, a synergistic space plan was creating ensuring proper engineering office and lab space for 21,000 employees, encompassing 6.9M square feet of space.  Susan’s diligence and ability to remain focused under the most stressful situations has proven to be a value for all direct reports, colleagues, and clients.  She creates relationships based on trust, integrity and mutual respect that earned her to a distinguished position of liaison to the Engineering Council, who managed special and highly confidential projects.

Susan was requested to speak at many QWISE, Qualcomm Women in Science and Engineering, events during her time at Qualcomm, Inc. Her insight into the company culture provided a valuable lens for mentoring and coaching women engineers.  Susan’s coaching provided contributions in the area of advocacy, personal accountability, self-management, collaboration with teammates, and boundaries. Among many personal coaching clients, Susan has had a long-standing coaching relationship with a Captain in the US Navy, which has enabled the Captain to renew her passion in her career and reach her goals before retirement.  Susan is co-author of the Teen Leadership Forum which focuses on developing leadership skills, self-worth and self-advocacy for teens and young adults.  She also trains educators, staff and school administrator in brain-based teaching; understanding the need and benefits in gender-based teaching.

Susan has certifications in various coaching modalities that have been instrumental to her ability to effectively create & lead teams to success and facilitate programs for women and men to live authentic lives and reach their peak potential. Through her years of coaching and being coached, she is clear that when you lead a team of individuals who function with integrity and authenticity, productivity soars – and nothing is impossible!

Master Trainer: Brain Based Learning – Gurian Institute, Chandler, AZ
Personal Growth & Development Certification -  Women, Power and Body Esteem, San Francisco, CA
Leadership Coaching Certification – Landmark Education, San Diego, CA
Professional Certificate in Facilities Management, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Associates Degree in Merchandise Marketing (AA), Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, San Diego, CA